Top Five Road/Day Trips to Take In November

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Ok so I don’t really do anything by accident so I guess some could say that this particular article aligns with the Supercar weekend, but that’s you drawing your own conclusions and me avoiding stepping on anyones toes. Honestly, the …


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If it’s on in Newcastle, it’s on Newcastle Live Top Five Road/Day Trips to Take In November20 October, 2017WHAT’S ON THIS WEEKEND IN NEWCASTLE: 20 – 22 October20 October, 2017Lisa Wilkinson: Standing Up, (For Many Women Who Can’t).20 October, 2017 …


Do We Really Want A Liveable (and Rideable) City?

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I’m sure many of you came across an article in amongst the cat videos and kookslam montages in your news feed, regarding an elderly gentlemen (if you could call him that, I mean he was old but perhaps not a …

DIRTY THIRTY: The Best of 1987

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So here it is. My 30th birthday is staring me in my hairy face. I’m just days away from waving goodbye to my twenties, and settling into the decade usually associated with “grown up” things, like marriage, children, mortgage and …

5 things you didn’t know about your Wests membership

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Every Wests member knows the satisfaction of presenting their card at the club’s restaurants and bars for 10% off meals and 15% off beverages. But did you know that the same membership can can save you 50% on a re-string of your guitar, including strings? Neither did we! So, here’s 5 thing you didn’t know about your Wests membership.