INTERVIEW: Matthew Lang on Newcastle Sunday

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The first edition of Newcastle Sunday hit shelves back at the start of July this year. We caught up with the co-founder of the newspaper Matthew Lang to find out a little more about his background, find out how things …

Top 5 Places For Geeks In Newcastle

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Personally I don’t really like the word geek, it’s kind of a way to really pigeon hole people who have a really select and passionate approach to niche interests but hey, it’s the world we live in after all! Anyway, …

Why November in Newcastle Is Like Being On Tinder.

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It’s ok, take a second to re-read the headline then let me know when you’re ready to #letstalk, or at least hear me out a little. Have you noticed something recently, a kind of stir in the air? People are …


Top 5 Places To Dine Alone In Newcastle

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Not that this article actually needs an introduction but hey, here goes nothing. Sometimes you just really want the chance to be by yourself. Whether you admit it to yourself that you actually want to be there by yourself or …