Phil Jamieson speaks to Newcastle Live

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Music Podcast

Phil Jamieson is not your usual “rock star”. When news came in 2013 that Grinspoon were entering hibernation indefinitely Phil Jamieson renewed his focus and passion for music, which remains as …

Help Connor meet his hero

Newcastle Live -


Local musician and worlds biggest Barry Gibb fan, Connor Wink is just like many other talented 17-year-old musicians, except he’s totally blind. Connor doesn’t let that get in the way though, spending …

Big John talks Christmas Toy Run 2016

Newcastle Live -


Not many sounds compare to the rumble made by a cavalcade of 10,500 motorbikes on the way to donate Christmas gifts to children in need. If it’s on in Newcastle, …


Sue Ellen -


One morning, the world wakes to find alien spacecraft have quietly and gently arrived in various places around the planet. There are 12 alien pods in total and as they hover …