15 reasons we’re buzzing for Neil Diamond’s 2015 Hunter concert

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It will be a hot November night at Tempus Two winery when international superstar, Neil Diamond takes to the stage on November 7 2015. We’re big fans of the American singer-songwriter here at Newcastle Live, so we thought we’d share with you 15 reasons we’re buzzing for Neil Diamond’s 2015 Hunter concert.

1 – So we can do this on the way to the show

2 – His (US$5,000) Shirts!


3 – Da na na na na na nar nar nar

4 – He’s sold more than 128 million records worldwide!

We haven’t got a picture or video for that… We just think it’s awesome.

5 – He was making records, when record were records

6 – He’s the Jazz Singer!

7 – Tempus Two is a top spot for a concert

8 – So we can hold hands and listen to the man sing, You Don’t Bring Me Flowers live!

9 – To watch our folks dance around like they used to in lounge rooms all around the country when Hot August Night was released

10 –  Girl, You’ll Be A Woman is a sick song that still sound fresh even today!

11 –  The sing alongs

12 – Did we mention the sing alongs

13 – He’s a Rock and Roll Hall of Famer

14 – Cherry Cherry!

15 – It’s Neil F$#%$NG Diamond man!


Tickets are on sale from midday on Thursday December 11

If it's on in Newcastle, it's on Newcastle Live

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